We found the “Danville Home Expo” to be a relaxing occasion to stop and talk with various vendors about water conservation (EBMUD), mulching, hard scaping of our front yard (Kodiak Construction), Milgard Windows (SGK Home Solutions), healthy living ( Cooking with Ease), care of plantation blinds (Creative Shades & Cabinetry), and clean & seal granite counter tops (Sosa Remodeling).

Cliff & Carolyn Daw

We truly appreciated attending the Home Expo as it gave us the opportunity to speak with several vendors about our planned home improvement project.  We would like to begin a landscape and hardscape project and the Home Expo helped us meet a couple of potential vendors.  One of the vendors has already followed up with us which is a great...

Greg Ochs

My wife and I have lived through several remodel projects and are starting another this fall, an addition including bedroom, bath, and closet work.  I attended the Danville Home Expo ’15 with the hopes of visiting with an array of exhibitors—most local, small businesses—who address all aspects of projects like mine. . . design help, structural, cabinets/windows/carpet, construction.  The event...

Kevin Salmon, Danville resident

If possible, when doing a big home improvement project, you want to be able to find somebody from within the community, it’s very important to support local businesses.

Ryan Thompson

Our organization promotes sustainable development. Since so much of the expo is focused on home building, we want to remind people that the decisions they make about remodeling can be done so with water and energy efficiency in mind, too.
Janet Thomas

Sustainable Lafayette

There’s nothing better than face to face. You can begin to develop that rapport, start building that relationship and lay that foundation of trust that’s so important to us.
Gordon Reese

Gordon Reese Construction

Normally for a home show like this, you’d have to travel to Concord or beyond.  And we want to do business with Lamorinda folks, so it’s great to be able to meet with them here.

Ryan Thompson, Moraga